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The Company

GMV Cable & Wireless is owned by Geir M. Vavik & Co which, was established in 1974 and which, in 1999 celebrated its 25th anniversary as well as formed the ideas for GMV Cable & Wireless. The company has since 1974 been involved in sales, installation and support as well as design and concultancies within RF and microwave communication and radio navigation.

Research and Development

GMV Cable & Wireless carries out repeater technology research and development in the Trondheim based laboratories. The various R&D projects are either self-financed or are financed by external customers with exclusive agreements.


GMV Cable & Wireless specializes in improvements, enhancements and innovation in communications system technology. Opening new market sectors, therefore, are relevant issues. We seek to join our resources with business partners who may have any related commercial interest in evolvements of our technology.


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